Honorary Advisor – Mr. Richard Byers

Richard Byers is currently a University Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Mr Byers specialises in the education of young people with severe and multiple learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

He has a strong practical background working in schools and colleges and in community-based provision, as well as extensive experience of developing and delivering professional development, tutoring courses and supervision at a range of levels. He has research interests in curriculum development, person-centred approaches, advocacy, interactive teaching and learning, personal and social development.

He was the co-author of guidance on planning the curriculum for students with special educational needs and prepared for the UNICEF school-based project for children with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2002, he worked as a partner, in association with the British Council, the Ministry of Education and Kenyatta University, in a project developing inclusive educational responses and related opportunities for continuing professional development for education professionals in Kenya. Richard Byers is editor of the British Journal of Special Education.