One of the most important things the students experienced here is the authentic English learning environment. Even after our summer project, these students carry on speaking English with more confidence in their daily life, not to mention that the relationship that they had established here with their English speaking friends will last for a lifetime.

Dr. Winnie Pui—Deputy Director, KnewSTEP Education Headteacher, Cambridge Summer Project

We tried to give them British experience. In my English lesson, we did a lot of group works so that they can get to try out something more creative. When outside the classroom, we take them out to do sports and go to different parts of Cambridge so that they can interact with different people.

Ms. Kate Green—Senior instructor, Cambridge Summer Project

Studying in Cambridge is a new and interesting experience to me. I feel very safe when studying with KnewSTEP, the teachers here are like friends to me. It makes me feel more comfortable learning English here.

Alvin—Student, 2018 Cambridge Summer Project

I met many new friends and I learnt a lot about the British culture. My classmates are from different parts of the world and we get to practise the skills we have learnt throughout the summer camp together. Sometimes I also teach them my mother language, I feel like an ambassador to represent my own culture in this country.

Erica—Student, 2018 Cambridge Summer Project

Congratulations and well done on the success of your first year of the Open Chinese Festival. Just a message to say how much my family and I enjoyed the event, you had a great variety of activities that engaged all ages, though i wished there were more spaces on the 3D printed lantern making workshop as it looked like so much fun! My daughter absolutely loves the moon lamp I won in the competition and is
currently using it as her nightlight. Looking forward to future events!

Mrs S. Talukder—1st winner of ‘My Favourite Chinese Word’ Competition, 2018 Open Chinese Festival

Thank you for organising and all the lovely volunteers. The kids had a fab time X

Ms X—attendee of the event, 2018 Open Chinese Festival

Thank you for leaving such wonderful memory in our daughter’s life.

Ms Law—Parent, 2019 Cambridge Summer Project

Looking back at their joyful pictures from Cambridge Summer Project, we feel very grateful to all the teachers. As parents, we did feel much worried in the beginning when we were separated from our daughter in the past month. However, from viewing their photos every day during the programme, we have witnessed how much she has grown! Now when she has finished the programme and is about to come home, we no longer feel any worried but are being very thankful that our daughter could have had such a precious learning opportunity. I hope that my daughter can continue to study hard after this inspiring journey, and that in the future perhaps she will also be able to study at such an outstanding institution in Cambridge. Thank you very much for all of your arrangement and care. Thank you.

Ms Lei—Parent, 2019 Cambridge Summer Project

Much appreciated for taking care of all the children for all these days. We are grateful that they are under such considerate care and guidance throughout the journey. Thank you all the teachers!

Ms Chu—Parent, 2019 Cambridge Summer Project

Thank you everyone. Thank you for letting my boy to be able to remould himself. A smile like this has disappeared for quite a while. It is because of you that he picks up this smile once again.

Ms X—Parent, 2019 Cambridge Summer Project

The children are now about to leave the UK. I believe their journey in Cambridge tour has been very fruitful and abundant. Although they have also encountered difficulties when they first came, they have now learned to communicate with each other better to solve the problems, and I can see they have grown up so much after this trip! Thank you teachers for all your kind organisation and enthusiasm. You have all worked very hard!

Ms Jiang—Parent, 2019 Cambridge Summer Project

Good morning! Thanks for your arrangement. We have had an unforgettable amazing trip in Cambridge. Although there were some unexpected hassles at the beginning, but we had sorted out and have learned to enjoy what has happened. We are now on the train heading to London. Wish to see you all soon in Macau. –Personalised Summer Programme 2019

Ms Sun—2019 Personalised Summer Prorgamme