I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein

About us

KnewSTEP Education Group is a comprehensive education service entity founded in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The group organises pathway and foundation courses, summer camp, multi-lingual programmes, early learning, education consulting services, among other projects.

Our team consists of educationalists, scientists, teachers, and multidisciplinary professionals who are passionate in promoting better development in children and always strive for excellence. Each of our team member’s expertise contributes to the whole person development of the students.


Why us?

Whole-person development

We support our students to develop transferable skills across the connections between subject knowledge and real-life experience. Whole-person leadership is built on a deeper focus on values, identities, and self-awareness.

Professional team

Our team consists of educators, scientists, teachers and professionals. We are devoted to promoting the child’s better development. We strive for excellence. The professionalism of every member of our team contributes to the child’s all-round development

Personalised curriculum design

Each course plan is tailored to each student’s educational needs. We believe every child is unique and each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the student’s situation, instructors will propose changes to each course plan in order to best adapt the course to students’ abilities. In order to ensure the quality of individual training, our teacher-student ratio is a teacher with two students.

Joyful and inspiring learning journey

In our programmes, students will be partnered with University of Cambridge undergraduate and graduate students, who will act as a mentor for young learners to follow. Students will get to know partners from different cultures in class. Through a journey of happy learning, they explore their potential through full interaction and practice, exchange and sharing.