Dr. Winnie Sin Wai Pui

Dr. Winnie Sin Wai Pui was born and bred in Macao. She has carried out all sort of teaching and research works in different institutes in Macao. She obtained both Master and Doctoral degrees in the University of Cambridge, specialising in inclusive education and special education curriculum design, the effect of student’s ability of self-regulation towards studying, and qualitative research on education research methodology.

Dr. Pui is an undergraduate supervisor at the University of Cambridge, a visiting professor at the City University of Macau supervising Master degree students, and a visiting professor at the University of Saint Joseph supervising PGDE students. Dr. Pui is also the founder of “Building Joy”, which aims to enhance children’s self-regulation skills, literacy and numeracy learning, and interpersonal skills using LEGO.

In recent years, Dr. Pui devoted to research and developing different curricula, providing guidance to students on their academic path, as well as training professional teachers. Earlier this year, Dr. Pui accepted the invitation to be the Deputy Director of KnewSTEP Education to provide cultural exchange and learning experience to students and teachers in Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area.

The recent publication of Dr. Pui included the study published in “Support for Learning”, discussing how to use different curriculum designs to enhance students’ ability of self-regulation, so as to assist teachers to respond to different needs of students while fulfilling lesson goals.