Ms. Suki Sokkeng Leung

Ms Suki Sokkeng Leung, graduated with a BA Hons in English Studies in Macao and a Master degree in Second Language Education from University of Cambridge. She obtained a postgraduate diploma in secondary education and adult psychology, and holds an international qualification teaching English to speakers of other languages awarded by Trinity College London. She has given public presentations at various conferences in Macao, Taiwan and Cambridge UK. She has worked as an English teacher at a secondary school in Macao and a Teaching Fellow of English Language at University of Macao. Now she serves as a Senior Educational Consultant at KnewSTEP Education at Cambridge UK.
Her research interests include socio-cultural learning theory, learner autonomy, social networking second language learning, and technology-enhanced language learning. Her recent presentation introduced the use of automated feedback system and essay evaluation software to aid classroom teaching and enhance English learners’ writing proficiency by merging formal and informal educational settings.