Vina: “An Unforgettable Experience”

30th June 2020

Every year in Kimbolton, students who choose science major will need to complete a term project at the 7th period of the year. The topic of the project will be based on a topic of their interest where students need to conduct their research and produce a poster of the information form. The result will be then presented to students and parents in one evening after school. This year, what makes this even a bit more special was that a total of twelve of the best posters would be chosen to present in Cambridge Science Fair. Therefore, many were determined to win the competition, making the overall quality and standard a lot higher than previous years.

I am really grateful to have been chosen to be one of the twelve people this year to present my work at the Science Fair. It proved that all my hard work has paid off. I would like to specially acknowledge and thank Winnie jie jie and Danny gor gor for helping and supporting me throughout this project. Without them, it would’ve been possible for my work to stand out in the crowd. Not only have they helped me print my A1 poster but also taught me how to extract only the main points of my research and summarise it into a poster (“Use of gold nanoparticles in controlled drug delivery”). They have also taught me the relevant presentation skills including how to build a professional scientific poster, how to present in an orderly manner with details and mechanisms explained clearly and thoroughly, and most importantly, how to be confident and proud. They’ve taught me a lot which I couldn’t count. I’m really blessed to have such strong support behind. Although the Fair was cancelled due to safety concerns, it was nevertheless a great experience that I treasured. I truly believe that this experience would be beneficial for me in the future.