Erica: “Time flies, see you when the rainbow arrives” Part II

29th June 2020

Erica, who just started her new school life in a secondary school in the UK last year, would like to share with us her thoughts and experience throughout the lockdown period. In less than a year’s time, she has been through lots of ups and downs; yet, after all the struggles, she has decided to live the life which she may work hard towards achieving her goals. Let’s hear her thoughts today!

In order to best achieve the things I want to learn, want to try, and want to work hard on during this difficult time, I have planned my timetable and arranged a list of items in advance to prevent further procrastination. I have grouped the items into several categories — homework, internship work, workouts, art, and leisure activities. “A good day’s plan starts with morning”, if I finish my tasks in the morning, I will then have half-day more in the afternoon. I also try to write down what I have to do for the day every morning, so that at night I can review how much I have done that day.

Although schools have closed, there are still online homework self-study materials for Easter holiday. I start my day by first finishing my homework, then revise them when necessary. Apart from that, I have also arranged some hours during the week working as an intern, I am very grateful for this opportunity which helps me gain more work experience and allows me to receive a bit of income during this period. After my work, I will then watch some online workout tutorials, which helps train my body. Sometimes, I will also ride a unicycle outside the house for some fresh air.

When I am tired, I also use art to relax: drawing, music, dancing; all of these help. We also do some leisure activities sometimes and spend some precious moments with my friends and my family. We even watch a movie every night, and sometimes sing karaoke or play video games in the afternoon. Recently we have a new habit of baking with surplus food (those that are close to their best-before date) at home, such as banana oatmeal cake, red beans rice cake, etc. I really enjoyed baking in this way, that is so very sustainable and therapeutic.

I feel the April breeze blowing through the blossoming daffodils, it seems to remind me that spring has just brought nature back to life. It is a scent of rebirth, it is a time for healing. Although the world seems to have paused for a moment, the clock of earth has never stopped clicking. I have learnt to enjoy the bittersweetness of life, and to cherish the moments that I have, and work hard, so that I do not disappoint spring, so that I may welcome the new season with my open arms, so that when the rainbow arrives after all these rains, I will be able to see a better me, a better us. Hey, I will see you when the sunshine comes.

KnewSTEP wishes all students continue their learning journey, explore their life goals, and embrace a better and more beautiful future to come 🙂