Olivia: “I enjoy every lesson”

30th June 2020

I cannot thank Miss Joyce for more. Miss Joyce is my online English course instructor from KnewSTEP. Throughout our class discussions, I have been able to broaden my understanding of various topics and issues around the world, not to mention the constant new words and expressions that appear in the articles we read together during the course.

Each week, Miss Joyce assign a number of articles as my homework for prereading, during the class, we discuss the content in depth. She will also warm up the lesson by having a nice casual chat with me to help me feel more relaxed before the lesson starts, which is really helpful for providing more opportunities for me to express my daily life in English. Certainly, there are some long and difficult articles that I need to spend extra time with, but Miss Joyce will always answer my questions about new words, sentence structures, and meaning of the entire sentences. When there is any confusion, I will let her know and she will then explain to me each class. She always provides with me constructive feedback and point out the areas where I can improve further. Sometimes she will even share her life experience with me that is associated with the lesson topic, making the lessons even more interesting and engaging!

For example, our recent discussion topics are about Covid-19, and as a result I have found myself easier to feel related to and pay more attention to the article. Based on the authenticity and relevance of the lesson content, I seldom feel bored while reading the articles with new words, not mentioning that I can gain more insights about the world issues as well. I really enjoy each and every lesson with Miss Joyce! Looking forward to more future lessons to come!