Hou U: “Finding the most suitable school”

30th June 2020

Samantha and Winnie have been extraordinarily helpful throughout my whole entire application process. They helped me find amazing schools according to my requirements under such a short and tight timeframe, they worked flexibly around my schedule and assisted me in all of my problems. Furthermore, they always consult me fully before making any major decisions. Frankly, I couldn’t have done it without them, at first, I was intimidated by the hefty price, but I guarantee their assistance is worth every penny. I was accepted by both schools they recommended to me. When I was searching for schools prior to acquiring an agent, these two schools did not even make it into my top five choices. Yet they are one of the most suitable schools for me. Now here I am with an unconditional offer by one of the most modern and prestigious schools in England, Stephen Perse Foundation. They offered me effective and simple guides to interviews and entrance exams. Allowing to pass both with flying colours. If you are interested in applying for a school in England, you will not regret choosing KnewSTEP. They do not find random schools and hope that you would get accepted by one. Instead they put in an incredible amount of effort to search for the perfect school for applicants while giving care and support at the same time.