Anthony: “I am so lucky to have them in this journey”

30th June 2020

Recently, I got my offer from King’s School Canterbury International College UK. It wouldn’t be possible to do so without the help from Dr. Winnie and Ms. Lily. I am sure they are very much occupied every day, but still, they work relentlessly to help me succeed.

Ms. Lily helped me prepare for the online entry exam. She gave me a lot of useful advice and some interesting tips that I should know before I come to the UK, she also pointed out the areas I may further improve to express my ideas in English with confidence. With her help by preparing me for the interview questions, it turned out that I managed to perform quite well at the school interview!

At the same time, Dr. Winnie paid a lot of attention to my needs in learning She always encourage me and teach me how to relax when I get nervous, in particular when I was pretty stressed about the preparation for the exam and the interview. She also helped me handle many problems regarding the paperwork for going abroad, making the application process more more convenient.

Dr. Winnie and Ms. Lily really have helped me a lot and I am so lucky to have them in this journey.