Pre-Boarding School Empowerment Programme

Do you want to crack the challenges of studying in UK schools?

Our PSE Programme will familiarise you with British Classroom scenarios.

Our special designed academic subjects will arm you for your successful studying in the UK.

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Our PSE programme is tailored for those who are planning to study in the UK, helping you build your cyber awareness, I.T. skills, developing your problem solving, critical thinking, improving your communication skills with our special designed subjects like Science, Maths and Language, and even providing you with an opportunity of experiencing UK sports like netball, hockey and rugby.

Our PSE programme consists of the following subjects and sessions:

  • British Culture

British culture has influenced most countries in the world at one point or another. As a student who is planning to come to the UK to study, you need to understand British culture and social norms. Therefore, we embed History, Geography and Government, Politics and Social Affairs subjects into our PSE programme curriculum to bridge the gap for you to make your study in the UK more conveniently.

  • Cyber Awareness and I.T. Skills

Our Cyber Awareness and I.T. Skills subjects aim to raise student’s awareness of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is critical, it protects our personal information and secures our daily life as we spend a significant amount of time online each day and have access to digital technology. In order to assure you to safely and smoothly achieve your day-to-day assignments and tasks at school while you access the digital information, we have designed searching in Google, safe use of social media and plagiarism, and I.T. skills like writing emails and basic excel formulas lessons to protect and sharpen your living and studying here.

  • UK Sports

Many schools and universities in the UK prefer students to play sports because it not only develops their mental and physical qualities, but also it makes them more well-rounded individuals through playing sports. we offer rugby, cricket, hockey, indoor climbing and netball to you, so let’s having fun while we study here!

  • Maths & Problem – Solving

The application of maths knowledge is important. Studying shapes and numbers, geometry and number patterns, mathematical modelling, statistics and data improves your problem-solving skills and paves a way for you towards an easier school/university life. We learn to be a problem solver, rather than a human calculator. You will be opened a different way that Maths is taught, where the application of the Maths knowledge is as important as acquiring the knowledge.

  • Science

The Science sessions emphasise you with scientific investigation and application of scientific knowledge. You can understand the processes within an investigation, focusing on empirical methods and looking at how science is applied in forensic science.

  • English & Language

With our special designed English idiom, Literature and Writing lessons, you will notice that studying English curriculum in the UK will not be that challenging. You will not be puzzled by the colloquial sayings, phrases and their origins; and you will also learn the concept of plot building and twisting, the use of vocabulary.

  • Critical Thinking & Global Issues

The UK is a diverse and multicultural country. Topics like gender equality, ethnicity, religion are common discussions in the classroom. The Critical Thinking & Global Issues session will help you be more aware of your own identity and the global issues happening in the world.

  • Boarding School Life

Boarding school life can be quite different from student’s previous schooling experience, it could be a little bit scary for some students, on top of the change in culture and being away from home. This session will you give you a chance to explore further the various things in the boarding schools. We will also invite existing boarding school students to answer your question about life as a boarder.

Team leader: Lily Gentile-Tang is currently a Maths teacher in a secondary school in Cambridgeshire, she has been teaching for seven years and has worked in different schools across the UK. She is also an Area Coordinator in East of England, where she offers advice and supports teachers and students in the area with maths.

The curriculum is developed by the joint efforts of Dr Winnie PUI, PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge and educational experts from China and the UK. Students will be placed into small groups and our educational experts will design the lessons according to your own needs, language skill and academic subject.

The paramount of this programme is to familiarise students with UK classroom scenarios and fulfil their academic expectations via our 10-day intensive, interesting and informative programme, with which students not only can improve their communication, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, but they can experience UK sports as well.

Our aim is to help your children foster their own skills, providing them with a smoother transition period from their local school to pre-boarding school this programme, so they can have a successful academic life in school and university in the UK.