Cambridge Summer Project

The key features of Cambridge summer camp:

  • Qualified teachers from Cambridge:
    KnewSTEP Cambridge UK was founded by a unique team of PhD graduates from the University of Cambridge, together with admission examiners, visiting professors, teaching fellow, researchers, local school qualified teachers, professional educational specialists and curriculum consultants.
  • AQA / CEFR certificate:
    Apart from gaining an official certificate from KnewSTEP Cambridge UK, students will also be qualified to obtain an AQA (accredited by AQA: the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) / CEFR certificate (issued by British council), which serves as a solid foundation and preparation for their university study.
  • Guidance on academic path:
    At the graduation ceremony, all students will have the opportunity to deliver a public speech at the University of Cambridge. Our Cambridge teaching team will give personalised feedback and guidance for their academic path.
  • Local school immersion experience:
    Students will study in a local school in Cambridge for one week, experience learning and cultural exchange with local students.
  • We value whole person development:
    Students studying at University of Cambridge are not only excellent in their academic performance, but they seize every moment to learn and develop their own interests. One of the unique features KnewSTEP summer project brings is the multi-disciplinary learning opportunities for students to discover their own talents and potentials, and develop their independent and self-reflective thinking skills, so as to cultivate them to become influential and innovative 21st century leaders.
  • Study at the heart of Cambridge:
    Students will have their classes at the heart of University of Cambridge, apart from learning in the historical environment, they can also experience learning like a Cambridge student. They can ponder with deep thoughts, they can think like a philosopher, they can discuss the world’s important issues, and discover their own potentials and make a difference in tomorrow!
  • Cambridge Collegiate Tutorial System and personalised learning:
    The collegiate tutorial system is a method of university teaching where the main focus is on regular, very small group teaching sessions. It was established by and is still practised by the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in the UK. Students can be benefited from a tailor-made personalised learning plan.
  • Learn STEM at Cambridge laboratory
    To learn the most cutting-edge skills to prepare themselves in the 21st century, our summer project 2020 add several STEM workshops to boost students’ science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills. Among these STEM workshops, students can learn hands-on science like extracting DNA from fruits, 3D laser printing, coding and robotic skills. All the STEM courses are held at the laboratories of Cambridge. Students can have the authentic experience of being a young scientist under the quality instruction by scientists and technicians from the University of Cambridge.
  • Traditional Formal Dinner at University of Cambridge:
    After our summer project graduation ceremony, students will be invited to enjoy a 3-course traditional formal dinner served by catering assistant of the University. In their formal suit and gown, students will sit next to teachers, professors, honourable guests at the place where Cambridge alumni and Nobel Prize winners were once dining at. Students can learn the unique British social skills and exchange meaning conversations with their neighbours.

Through the study and experience at a 14-/16-day summer camp in Cambridge, your children will attend classes with local British students and communicate with them. While achieving a better understanding of British culture, they will improve their language communication skills and develop their accomplishments as all-rounded individuals. Our education team formed by experts will give students immediate feedback and assist them to discover their potential and creativity in a dynamic and joyful environment.

The KnewSTEP Education Group summer camp incorporates the most cutting-edge education concepts in the UK and aims to help students who have grown up in the domestic education environment to explore their own potential and cultivate independent thinking and innovative thinking skills in an enjoyable learning process.

The curriculum is developed by the joint efforts of Dr. Winnie PUI, PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge and education experts from China and the UK. It is a carefully planned a 14-/16-day summer camp program tailor-made for 10 to 19-year-old students in Hong Kong/ Macao and China. Previous summer camps have been deeply loved by parents and students who have benefited a lot from the camps.

For children who have grown up in the domestic education environment, even though they have received bilingual education and have been in contact with British culture since childhood, the essence of British elite education cannot be effectively conveyed to them simply through the process of foreign language learning. Learning the English language does not mean that the children have learned the ability to think independently and creatively as fostered in the British education system.

At the KnewSTEP summer project, your children will experience an amazing transformation. We will help your children to develop comprehensive thinking and learning skills in multiple areas through guiding them to learn in multiple disciplines. While attending classes with outstanding local students in the UK, your children will learn how to communicate with others and how to successfully socialise in a British cultural context. This will pave the way for your children’s integration into an international elite society and help them to become outstanding members of it in the future. In sum, they will learn to think independently, innovate and improve continuously; they will develop the habit of self-learning; they will also learn to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Our responsibility is to help your children to create the most precious key in their life – the key to a bright future. This journey encompasses the fulfilment and joy of individuals’ continuous growth. It is on the shoulders of the giants that they can enjoy the excitement and the panoramic views of a distant place, promote the development of human beings and realise the value of the greater self.

Through the two weeks of study and experience at the KnewSTEP summer camp, your children will have the opportunities to find a direction that is suitable for their self-development and will continue to work hard in this direction. Our team also provides tailored high-end education consulting services. If you would like your children to continue to be guided by our experts, we would be happy to provide you with more detailed information. The introduction to follow-up education consulting services can be found on the “Education Consultation” page of our website.



English Immersion Programme (10-13)

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Leadership Development Programme (14-16)

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University Preparation Programme (16-19)

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Leadership Training

Closing Ceremony

Physical Challenge: Golf Training




Hands-on Science

Summer Project Graduation Ceremony 2018

Trip to Museum

Harry Potter Studio

Physical Challenge

English Boost: Small group English lesson

Group Presentation at Cambridge University

Learn STEM at Cambridge Laboratory

Bushcraft Workshop