KnewSTEP Education continues being dedicated to Education

13th July 2021

KnewSTEP Education continues being dedicated to Education – Kaleidoscope international education conference in 2021 has officially ended!

The 18th Kaleidoscope international education conference was successfully held online on the 3rd and 4th of June 2021. The conference discussed how educators and researchers respond to the uncertainty after almost a year of uncontrollable educational experiences and reflect on the educational practices around the world to potentially contour new ways of education to move on. Educators and researchers discussed this topic based on 11 sub-themes, such as: engaging in reflexivity and decolonizing research and practice, etc.

Dr Winnie Sin Wai PUI, PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge, and Deputy Director of KnewSTEP Education Group Ltd., is honoured to attend the Awards Ceremony and present certificates and awards to participants on behalf of KnewSTEP. Supported by KnewSTEP Education in Cambridge UK, the Kaleidoscope international education conference committee members of the University of Cambridge have selected an outstanding presenter for the three categories. These outstanding awards respectively go to Ms ChaKravarTy (Award of Outstanding Presentation – 1 hour), Dr Baird (Award of Outstanding Presentation – 15 minutes) and Ms Lymperis (Award of Outstanding Poster). Congratulations once again for receiving these outstanding awards at the Kaleidoscope conference!

The three outstanding presenters’ themes are not only interesting but also culturally diverse, responding to our international education system in real-life situations. With the certificates awarded by us (KnewSTEP Education Group Ltd.), we encourage education colleagues to pass their knowledge through generations to come and work collaboratively to create a new era of education. Dr Pui expressed her pleasure to be able to reflect the current and future education conditions with colleagues from different research disciplines and cultural backgrounds hand in hand together.

Dr Pui emphasised that she hopes to contribute to the academic community and provide more opportunities for those who are passionate about education. KnewSTEP education has been supporting the Kaleidoscope conference in the past few years and we hope that more researchers will participate in the conference to exchange ideas in discussion. To this end, we have therefore added the Award of Outstanding Presentation for the first time this year and distributed both certificates and book gift cards to the outstanding presenters, hoping to encourage educational researchers to share their practical and cultural experiences more.

Finally, Dr Pui also expressed her gratitude towards the Kaleidoscope committee members at the University of Cambridge for organising such a meaningful conference after a year of uncertainty. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.