June’s picture book: Just Like My Dad

15th June 2021

Originated from the United States, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. The selected Picture book of this month is to celebrate the father-child relationship. Written by award-winning British author David Melling, Just Like My Dad is suitable for children ages 2-6. Let’s see what a lion father is like through the eyes of a cub, and an early Happy Father’s Day to all!

Dad is the idol the narrator lion cub looks up to. Dad has sharp teeth for eating and spiky hair when he is angry, especially encounter a group of skunks. He has long nails and a swishy tail, and can lick his nose and climb up trees. These are all traits that the lion cub longs to learn from Dad. He can’t wait to grow up and become just like his dad!

Of course Dad isn’t perfect. He has his lazy moments. Gorillas and little bees freak him out, yet it does not stop the narrator from admiring his dad. Lion cub has his tricks to cheer Dad up when Dad is feeling down. Though Dad has long surpassed the age for playing hide-and-seek, little lion cub and his friends love when Dad joins in, and the entire gang can’t wait to be just like him! Dad knows exactly how to spend quality time with his children, definitely full of wisdom.

After story time, some great follow up discussion can be: What are some things that you are proud of daddy? What do you like to do together with daddy? It’s a great opportunity to discover with your child the admirable qualities of Papa, or certain things that only Superman Papa can do!

The role of a father is prominent, especially to a boy as he is growing up. Actions speak louder than words. Children often pick up their Father’s characteristics and traits unknowingly. Not every dad is tall and perfect, to young children the quality time with their father is the most important and memorable. In our daily hustle and bustle most fathers are busy earning to support their children while some are working away from family, time with children can be limited. A different approach to express fatherly love may be through encouragement and support, by action instead of words. At the same time we shall guide children to respect and be grateful to their superman dad. Although Mom is often the first person that children go to, we should not forget to tell Dad: Thank you for your hard work and provision.

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